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A NEMA Electrical Enclosure Meets UL Standards

If you are part of a company that uses heavy machinery either indoors or out, you probably have need and concern for proper care around electrical systems. The NEMA electrical enclosure is specifically designed for installation in electrical systems that require rugged applications. Many a NEMA electrical enclosure can be fitted for wiring pull boxes, taps, splices and terminal strips. In many cases a NEMA electrical enclosure is crucial for housing apparatuses, field instruments, and other equipment.

A NEMA electrical enclosure is built with rugged, sand-cast and copper-free aluminum alloy. It's also tumble blasted for a high quality and appealing appearance. The NEMA electrical enclosure boxes come furnished with a complete cover, neoprene gasket and stainless steel cover bolts. A NEMA electrical enclosure can come with cast-on mounting buttons for easy and secure attachment, bosses and pads are available as well, for equipment mounting or terminal block.

Custom Order

You can order a NEMA electrical enclosure with conduit openings. You can also custom order them drilled tapped or drilled slip fit for certain types of applications. There is a NEMA electrical enclosure that is an all weatherproof aluminum junction box that is covered with an asphalt paint. This allows the NEMA electrical enclosure to be buried directly into concrete and they are UL approved for this duty.

A NEMA electrical enclosure can be designed to encase electrical and electronic controls and instruments, such as push buttons, meters and switches, as well as, other types of accessories. These can be mounted on uneven or sloping surfaces. It's the heavy duty construction of a NEMA electrical enclosure that thoroughly protects the inside workings from dirt, dust, oil or water.

It's very important when installing control, access, and instrument panels, to have captivated screws that will become properly embedded into wells that are sealed off. This is part of the protective measures that a NEMA electrical enclosure provides, as well as, grounding provisions to prevent electrical damage or outage.

The UL

It's so important to pass the industry standards with flying colors and a NEMA electrical enclosure does that every time. The UL is an internationally recognized standards organization. It has a number of different branches that includes the Electrical Council which advises the UL on safety requirements for most every type of electrical appliance and equipment, as well as, construction equipment, and industry materials.

The Electrical Council also provides advice on the standard requirements for the installation of electrical equipment in hazardous locations and also fire prevention. This includes components and accessories that are part of these environments, including the NEMA electrical enclosure. The UL is a globally recognized and independent safety and science company that offers expertise in some key areas: Product Safety, The Environment, Life and Health, as well as, Verification and Knowledge Services.

The Electrical Council members are all experts in their particular professions which affords them the opportunity to provide the UL with substantial experience in an advisory capacity. The Electrical Council members counsel on standard practices in engineering, practical judgment, field duties, as well as, component and equipment conformity assessment expertise.